Flanker, St. James under surveillance for possible spread of COVID-19

Prime Minister Andrew Holness
Prime Minister Andrew Holness has said a second community - Flanker in St. James - is under surveillance by the Ministry of Health for possible spread of the coronavirus.
As was reported Thursday, the other community is West Kingston. 
The Prime Minister, who was an in-studio guest on Radio Jamaica's Hotline programme Friday morning, spoke on the matter. 
"We are going to be acting swiftly and decisively to ensure that there is no spread out of that, there is not another outbreak. It will detract from what we're doing, it will divert resources from what we're doing at the two airports but it is critical that we do not have another case of local spread," he told Hotline host Emily Shields. 
West Kingston has been under surveillance this week since it was revealed that five recent cases of the coronavirus have come from the area. 

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