Gender Minister outraged by recent incidents of domestic violence

Olivia Grange and Denise Daley
Gender Minister Olivia Grange has expressed outrage at the recent deadly incidents of domestic violence in Jamaica.
Miss Grange addressed this week's killings while speaking in the House of Representatives Tuesday afternoon.
She said it is clear there is need for more public sensitisation.
"I join with my fellow Jamaicans to express outrage that there are misguided persons who believe that the lives of our women can be arbitrarily snatched away just like that." 
"These killings re-enforce the need for more sensitisation on the ground as to why there is no excuse for abuse, as well as why we have to, everyone of us, have to continue building more safe spaces for women so that they can safely transition to normalcy on fleeing toxic relationships," she declared.  
"Telling women to walk away is just one part of the solution. On leaving these environments, our continued support is needed," she pointed out, citing the latest incident in which 27 year old Nevia Sinclair was allegedly stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend in the community of Brinkley, St. Elizabeth, on Sunday night. 
On Sunday morning, Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Corporal Doran McKenzie fatally chopped and shot his girlfriend Suianne Easy before killing himself in Portmore, St. Catherine.
Family life classes
Opposition Spokesperson on Gender Affairs Denise Daley on Tuesday recommended mandatory family life classes in schools.
She said this should assist in teaching children socialisation skills as a means of preventing gender based violence. 
"When you listen to children sometimes you are aware of what is happening in the homes but we don't take any stock, we don't take any note of these things in order that we can start the preventative measures from there. So we probably need to start looking at how the children are socialising in schools in order that we will be able to detect," she suggested.  
She also appealed for citizens not to keep silent, noting that in many cases, persons who intend to commit violent acts in domestic relationships usually make known their intentions before carrying out the act. 

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