Government urged to protect children affected by domestic violence

There is a renewed call for the government to act urgently to protect children living in households where there is domestic violence.
This comes in the wake of a 12-year-old girl who witnessed her father fatally shooting her mother and then killing himself on Waltham Park Road in St. Andrew last week.
Children's Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison says children living in these situations suffer emotional and psychological trauma . She has again urged the government to create legislation that will protect these children.
”My position has always been consistent. As far back as 2016, I had made submissions to the Joint Select Committee of Parliament that was reviewing certain pieces of legislation to include the Domestic Violence Act in that homes in which domestic violence is practiced is a cause for concern and  children living in those situations are in need of care.... there is also he psychological impact that observing violence has on children.”
She also said that such incidents often affect children into adulthood. 
Support services are being provided for the child who has been affected by the murder-suicide involving her parents.

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