JTA rejects 4% wage offer

JTA President Winston Smith
The Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA) voted on Friday to reject the government's four per cent wage offer.
JTA President Winston Smith told Radio Jamaica News that the decision was made during a four-hour meeting with the delegates.
"We would have gotten a very late submission from the Ministry of Finance this morning and some delegates would have felt that they were not able to consult with their constituents, and as such, they would have voted in line with what they were sent there to do," he revealed.  
The JTA delegates also expressed the view that allowances in the offer, especially the book, software and technology allowance, should be improved. Additionally, they want the government to provide them with laptops.
A letter is to be sent to the Finance Ministry informing it of the rejection of the offer.
Mr. Smith is expecting a speedy response from the Minister of Finance.

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