Lawyers demand compensation for Jamaican woman racially abused on Ryanair flight

Lawyers acting on behalf of an elderly Jamaican woman who was racially abused on a Ryanair flight are now demanding compensation and an apology from the airline.
They have described Ryanair's response as inadequate.
The lawyers said at no time did the airline check on the well-being of  77 year-old Delsie Gayle and that Ryanair's first contact was on November 2, fourteen days after the incident, when a letter dated October 21 arrived from Ireland.
David Mesher, the passenger seated alongside Mrs. Gayle on the flight from Barcelona, was filmed subjecting her to racist abuse. 
Crew members made Mrs. Gayle, who suffers from arthritis and has a replacement knee, twice move seat, rather than remove Mr. Mesher from the flight.
Mrs. Gayle was on holiday with her daughter, a year after the death of her husband, when the incident occurred before take-off in Barcelona.
In a letter to Ryanair, law firm Leigh Day said at no point did any member of the cabin crew check the Jamaican's woman's well-being, and met her eventual complaints with disinterest and obstructiveness. 
They also say that members of the media were shown the confidential letter from Ryanair to Mrs Gayle long before she received it.
As well as calling for an apology and compensation, the lawyers demand to know what steps Ryanair is taking, including crew training, to minimise the risk of similar future incidents.

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