Most motorists affected by 'bad gas' to be compensated in full

Dolsie Allen and Floyd Green
The majority of motorists who were affected by contaminated gas in 2015 and submitted claims to the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) will be paid in full.
The CAC says this is 287 of the 381 motorists to be compensated.
The remaining 94 motorists will receive partial payment.
Dolsie Allen, Chief Executive Officer of the Consumer Affairs Commission, says her office has been making contact with the motorists for the pay-out to begin.
She said the affected persons will be given a date to collect their pay-out and must bring their ID, TRN and sign an indemnity form, which "discharges the Consumer Affairs Commission or Petrojam Ethanol of any further claims or liabilities concerning this particular issue," before the payment is made.  
Payments will be made electronically.
The lowest claim submitted was for about $2,000 and the highest $700,000.
Strengthened capacity 
In the meantime, Floyd Green, Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, has said the Consumer Affairs Commission is being strengthened.
Mr. Green said the ministry has expanded the way in which consumers can file reports with the launch of the Consumer Affairs Commission app from which persons with an Android device can make complaints. 
In addition, he said the capacity of the commission has been strengthened through a merger with the Fair Trading Commission which should give the entity "further reach, further human resource capacity, and will ensure that more of your claims are actioned."  

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