Names of unsafe toilet paper still not released

The Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) has still not divulged the names of four brands of toilet paper  found to contain high levels of bacteria in preliminary tests.
Instead, the Bureau has posted on it's website the names of several brands which it says have been found safe under micro-biological tests.      
The international brands listed as having passed the tests are Charmin, So Soft, Members Selection, Lilli and Pure Joy. The local brands said to be safe are Cuddle, Sophie, Charm and Thrifty, however it's understood that one of the brands in question is locally made.
The  Bureau said consumers should keep safe by calling it offices with the names of the brands they have at home and they will then be told if they are at risk. But consumers say this method is not practical.

According to the Bureau, the four brands in question have been pulled off shelves. However when RJR News contacted two supermarkets in the Corporate Area , officials  said they had received no directive from the Bureau.

According to the Bureau the brands will not be released  until a scientific conclusion is made.
On contacting the Consumer Affairs Commission about the issue, RJR News was told that a comment would not be made until a report is obtained from the Bureau of Standards.

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