NEPA probing fire close to Riverton City Landfill

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is probing Sundaymorning's major fire near the Riverton City disposal site to determine the damage to the air quality in the Corporate Area and St Catherine.

This was disclosed by senior manager in the environmental management sub-division of the agency, Richard Nelson.

“What was really burning was used tyres. NEPA has a monitoring station that monitors air quality just opposite the Riverton City community so we are pretty sure that the air quality monitor will be picking up quite a but of data. We will be looking at the possible impact to the community in the general area,” Nelson said. 

The fire, which was concentrated at a private used tyre facility off Spanish Town Road near to the Riverton City disposal site, was brought under contrrol by fire fighting personnel.

NEPA's investigation will determine whether the operators of the facility are in breach of their licence.

Audley Gordon, Executive Director of the state run NSWMA, told RJR News he was breathing a sigh of relief, knowing that the nearby Riverton disposal site had been spared the ravages of the fire.

“Well the good thing is that the authorities are putting a lot of resources into fighting the fire … government agencies like the JDF and the fire brigade. We are fortunate that the fire is not on our disposal site. The fire is on Portland Road and the facility has absolutly nothing to do with the NSWMA,” Gordon said after he toured the scene of the blaze. 

He also said that residents and businesses located in and around the location of the blaze will have to brace for the expected smoke nuisance.

The fire is believed to have started sometime after midnight and forced the temporary evacuation of scores of residents living near to the location. 

Firefighters fought the blaze for nearly ten hours. 

The Jamaica Defence Force also provided aerial support. 


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