Spanish Town Primary School mourns killing of two students

Verona Thomas, acting Principal of Spanish Town Primary School, speaking about 10 year old Christina McFarlane


Spanish Town Primary School is taking steps to provide support to the peers and classmates of six year-old Mishane McFarlane and 10 year-old Christina McFarlane, students of the institution who were murdered along with their grandmother on Sunday.

Verona Thomas, acting Principal of the school, described the deaths as a traumatic experience for the school.

The girls and their 81 year old grandmother, Iciline McFarlane, were shot by gunmen at their house in Tryall Heights, St. Catherine.

Miss Thomas, who spoke Monday on Radio Jamaica’s Beyond the Headlines, said the school will be providing grief counseling for the students, “especially the classes to which the children belonged,” to see how best we can explain it (the killings) to them.”

Miss Thomas painted a glowing picture of 10-year-old Christina McFarlane, who was in grade four, recalling that she was “a helpful student, a disciplined one.”

She said the student’s former grade three teacher characterised Christina as “extremely street smart, outspoken,” and always involved in classroom discussions.”




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