Too early to assess impact of US travel advisory on Jamaica - says JHTA

The Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association ( JHTA ), says it's too early to assess whether the latest travel advisory by the United States is having a negative effect on hotel bookings. 
The US Department of  State last Monday raised its travel advisory for Jamaica to a Level 4 and warned Americans not to travel to the country due to COVID-19 related conditions. 
JHTA President Clifton Reader says the Jamaica Tourist Board continues to market the country's resilient corridor to tourists to prevent any major fallout. 
“We‘ve seen those advisories before and yes it will have some effect - the quantum of that effect, we are not sure at this point, But we are doing everything to ensure that the JTB is out there. So we have been selling the corridors from Negril to Port Antonio , from St. Elizabeth to Kingston. Those are fairly safe areas….” The JHTA President said. 
The US State Department advised citizens to reconsider travel to Jamaica due to health and safety measures and COVID-related conditions, including extended periods of  isolation and quarantine if  they receive a positive test result prior to departure from the island.
It told Americans that medical services in Jamaica are extremely limited due to covid-19.
The Department of  State also advised Americans that there was an increased risk of  crime in Kingston, Montego Bay and Spanish Town.
And Reader says it's unfortunate that the US would issue an advisory for it's citizens not to travel to Jamaica when many American States are experiencing a surge in Covid-19 cases as well.
“And crime is no stranger to the US, omicron in some states is at a positivity rate, equal or more than us. The only thing they have  going for them, is that they are more vaccinated than we are. But we have inbuilt some kind of protection both for our staff and the guests, We are protesting Americans and foreigners coming into Jamaica but at the same time it is very unfortunate that a statement like that should come out at this time,” he said. 

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