Barbados sugar exports to bring in over $4 million in revenue

The Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agricultural Management Company, Orlando Atherley, says the agency should bring in 4 point 2 million Barbadian Dollars in revenue from the sale of locally branded packages of sugar exports that will be sold to the United States during this year's harvest which starts today.

According to Mr Atherley, Barbados recently secured a contract to sell the United States 2,500 tons of packaged sugar every year.

Speaking with the publication Barbados Today, he said the market was recently secured.

During a post-Cabinet press conference on Friday, Agriculture Minister Indar Weir said Barbados has almost now doubled the price it's getting for its packaged sugar exports.

Meanwhile, the agriculture minister said all is in place and the canes are at a mature stage and are ready for harvesting.

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