"Stew Peas" cooked; another RSPL coaching casualty

Voice of former Harbour View coach Damion "Stew Peas" Stewart

After spending less than two months in the job, Damion "Stew Peas" Stewart has been sacked from the role as head coach of Harbour View. Stewart was in charge for ten games where he won three games, lost six and drew one with the “Stars of the East”. The former national player says feels he was treated unfairly by the club.

“At the start of the season, I was meant to be part of the coaching staff, but I declined because I told them that I want to be solely in charge; I didn’t want to be interrupted while I’m working. So when I was given the job, I was told that, but I started getting input from others which I’m not welcoming. Things started to go sour from then and the results not going good as well,” said Stewart.

Ludlow Bernard will take over as head coach of the club until the end of the season. 


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