Sygnus Credit announces basis of allotment for preference shares

By Javaughn Keyes
Sygnus Credit Investments has published the basis of allotment for its recently closed preference share offer.
The invitation which closed on December 15 after an extension was oversubscribed.
The class C shares, which sought originally to raise J$800 million, had a request for shares at 109 per cent more than the original shares set aside in the category.
That class of shares was upsized to raise J$1.6 billion.
The class D shares were 68 per cent oversubscribed, upsized from US$10 million to US$16.78 million.
The class E shares were capped at US$23.22 million, 136 per cent more than the US$10 million earmarked for the category.
All applicants will be allotted the first 250,000 shares they requested in the class C group, and 71.13 per cent of shares applied for thereafter.
A hundred per cent of class D shares will be allotted based on request, while the first 25,000 shares applied for will be assigned in the class E category.
Applicants will receive 66.61 per cent of requested shares thereafter.

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