Tyrone Wilson to return as CEO of iCreate

Tyrone Wilson, former CEO of education and multi-media firm iCreate says he's set to return as the company's CEO.
He was re-elected to the company's board last week after resigning in August.
In a statement posted on social media platform X, Mr. Wilson said after being voted in by a majority of shareholders present at the company's annual general meeting on Friday, he is "elated to return as CEO, pending the final decision of a board majority" to reinstate him.
He founded the company in 2018.
Mr. Wilson added that there are a number of unclear and un-clarified issues surrounding his resignation to which updates will be provided.
He sought to clarify that his resignation was not forced, however, he said his "health was compromised".
Mr. Wilson said he is now healed and ready to recommit.  
All this comes after iCreate was suspended by the Jamaica Stock Exchange due to a lack of submission of its Audited Financials and the non-appointment of a Mentor, as required by the Junior Market Rules.
At the close of trading on Monday, the company's share price increased by almost 9 per cent, selling at $0.76 per stock unit.

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