17 year-old boy drowns at Alligator Pond

A 17 year-old student of Alphansus Davis High School drowned in Alligator Pond, south Manchester, Monday morning. 
He has been identified as Nathaniel Thompson.
The police say young Thompson went to the popular holiday bathing beach, known as Sea Riv, with relatives. He then went for a swim and got into difficulties around 10:30. Divers tried, unsuccessfully, to save him.
This is the second drowning in Manchester in 5 days. 
On Thursday, 16 year old Zachary Bryan, a student at Balair High School in Mandeville, drowned in a swimming pool operated by a private entity, in Ingleside, Mandeville.
He reportedly went to the facility with friends, jumped into the pool, and drowned.
The Alligator Pond drowning is at the same spot where, as Radio Jamaica featured, a community hero had saved a bather, last August.
But the hero himself drowned at a nearby location only a few days later.

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