Curfew imposed in Dunkirk

A 72 hour curfew has been imposed in Dunkirk, East Kingston following Tuesday's mass shooting in the troubled community.
Eight people were shot when gunmen opened fire on a group in the community. 
One of the victims died from bullet wounds. His identity has not yet been ascertained.
The curfew, which took effect at 6 o'clock Tuesday evening, will continue until 6PM on Friday. 
Head of the Kingston Eastern Police Division Tommie-Lee Chambers has said that the security forces are maintaining a presence in the area to prevent reprisals.
It's reported that about 12:50 p.m., a group of people had gathered at the Michael Manley market, located along Pine Street, when a motor car with several men aboard drove up.
The men alighted the vehicle with handguns and rifles and began firing indiscriminately at the crowd, hitting eight people, including a two year-old.
They then escaped in the waiting vehicle.
Investigators say the area has been tense in recent weeks due to a gang conflict.

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