FID, Fraud Squad to review statements collected in SSL case

By Clinton McGregor 
Radio Jamaica News was informed that senior investigators attached to the Financial Investigation Division and the Fraud Squad are scheduled to meet in the coming days to review statements collected from investors in Stocks and Securities Limited and to plan the way forward.
The review follows Monday's announcement by Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke that the government has engaged the US Federal Bureau of Investigation to assist the local police in the massive fraud probe.
The investigators have collected a number of statements from investors who have been fleeced of hundreds of millions of dollars in an alleged fraud scheme at the financial institution.
Radio Jamaica News was informed that as least one of the managers of the company owned by Olympian Usain Bolt has given a statement to investigators.
The Olympian, through his attorneys, has declared that almost J$2 billion has been removed from the company's accounts at SSL, without his consent.
Investigators raided the residences of Jean-Ann Panton, the former SSL manager at the centre of the probe.
The cops seized documents, phones and electronic devices during the raid but have not said when Ms Panton will be called in for questioning.

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