Four implicated in massive gun seizure freed

By Clinton McGregor   
A fourth defendant who was charged in connection with the March 2022 massive gun and ammunition find at Queens Warehouse on Industrial Terrence, Kingston, was released on Monday.
Jermaine Baker, a 36-year-old chef from Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, was freed before the Gun Court.
His attorney Donahue Martin had challenged the Crown's case against him.
Last Friday, three other defendants in the case - Godfrey Martin, otherwise called 'Rev'; Shirley McLean and Fitzroy Johnson - were released following no-case submissions by their attorney.
A fifth defendant, 42-year-old Dervan Brown from Bronx, New York, was killed while out on bail.
The five men were charged following an investigation into the seizure of 21 illegal guns and 2,216 rounds of ammunition in a shipment of goods at the Queens warehouse.
Three high-powered M15 rifles and 18 handguns were among the weapons seized in addition to 51 magazines.
The Police High Command had reported that one of the magazines seized could hold 100 rounds of ammunition. 
The shipment was destined for Mocho, Clarendon.  

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