Golding checking if two new parliamentarians under IC probe are PNP members

By Clinton McGregor 
Opposition Leader Mark Golding is reportedly conducting checks to determine whether the two new parliamentarians being investigated for illicit enrichment are members of the People's National Party.
A senior member told Radio Jamaica News on Wednesday afternoon that Mr. Golding is making checks with his members before commenting publicly on the new development.
There has been heightened tension on the political scene after the Integrity Commission disclosed that it has added two more lawmakers to the list of those under investigation for illicit enrichment.
The information is outlined in its 2023/2024 annual report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday.
The Commission says these referrals have no bearing on the six parliamentarians referred for investigation in the previous reporting years 2022/2023. 
Mr. Golding had declared last year that no member of his party was among the so-called 'illicit six'.
Section 14 (5) (a) and (b) of the Corruption Prevention Act states that illicit enrichment happens where a public servant owns assets disproportionate to his lawful earnings; and upon being requested by the commission or any person duly authorised to investigate an allegation of corruption against him, fails to provide an explanation as to how he came by such assets.
If he fails to do so; or gives an explanation which is not considered to be satisfactory, he shall be liable to prosecution for the offence of illicit enrichment.

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