Holness pledges commitment to achieving consensus on constitutional reform

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has said that he's committed to achieving an agreement between the government and the opposition on reforming the constitution.
The opposition People's National Party has stated that it is not in support of several of the recommendations put forward by the Constitutional reform Committee. 
Among the areas of divergence is removing the Privy Council as the country's final appellate court. 
Prime Minister Holness said on Friday that, given the amount of work that has already gone into achieving the reform, it's important for both sides to be on the same page.
He also urged the Opposition not to allow the recommendation on dual citizenship to derail the process of constitutional reform.
The constitution, in its current form, allows for Commonwealth citizens to be elected to serve in Parliament, providing they meet the qualifying criteria.
The issue has resulted in a political war of words as Opposition Leader Mark Golding, born in Jamaica, also has British citizenship.
However the Constitutional Reform Committee has recommended that political representatives should have a single allegiance. 
The Prime Minister believes this matter should be properly examined to move the process of reform along.

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