Mayor takes aim at JUTC drivers in downtown Kingston

Mayor of Kingston Andrew Swaby
By Kimone Witter   
Mayor of Kingston Andrew Swaby will be seeking a meeting with the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) about its drivers who are obstructing traffic around St. William Grant Park downtown Kingston.
Mr. Swaby says the drivers are also adding to the unsanitary practices in the area.
He says the issue, which was previously raised with the bus company, is working against the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation in its fight to bring order to public spaces.
"Traffic downtown is becoming an issue. This is compounded by persons parking their motor vehicles in places not designated for parking. This include (sic) the Jamaica Urban Transit Company. The JUTC bus drivers continue to park on the sidewalk adjoining the St. William Grant Park. Not only does this cause traffic, but it allows for unsanitary practices of these drivers and other persons to hide behind these buses and urinate. Councillors, this is unacceptable," Mr. Swaby told members of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation. 
He has appealed to JUTC drivers to conform to the rules of the city.

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