Most Jamaicans say abortion should remain illegal except in certain cases - poll

A report from Prince Moore
Two-thirds of Jamaicans believe abortion should remain illegal in the country. 
This is based on the finding of the latest RJRGLEANER Don Anderson poll.
Abortion remains illegal in Jamaica except in some cases of medical emergency. 
According to Section 72 of the Offences Against the Person Act, anyone found guilty of having or facilitating an abortion could be sentenced to life in prison, with or without hard labour.
State Minister in the Ministry of Health, Juliet Cuthbert Flynn, reignited the debate on abortion in 2018 when she tabled a motion in the House of Representatives for the Government to consider relaxing the abortion laws to ensure that women have access to safe abortions.
Earlier this year, Member of Parliament for St. Ann South East, Lisa Hanna, tabled a motion calling for Parliament to revive discussions on laws which make abortion illegal.
She urged the House to debate the report of the Human Resource and Social Committee, tabled by former parliamentarian Ronald Thwaites in the House on March 25, 2020.  
The question of whether abortion should be made legal was put to Jamaicans in the latest RJRGLEANER Don Anderson poll. 
Sixty-five per cent of respondents disagree.
Another 28 per cent say they would want abortion to be made legal, while seven per cent were unsure.
At the same time, 75 per cent of the respondents believe abortion should be made legal in cases of rape, incest or where the woman's life is in danger.
Twenty-one per cent of those interviewed disagree with the notion, while four per cent were not sure.
The field work was conducted between July 16 and 26.
The margin of error was plus or minus three per cent.

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