Petrojam working to restore operations following fire at refinery

Petrojam General Manager Telroy Morgan, speaking with reporter Kirk Wright
By Nakinskie Robinson    
State owned oil refinery Petrojam says it is working to restore operations at its Marcus Garvey Drive facility by the end of May.
This follows a blaze at a section of the facility on March 6.
The fire started sometime before 7 p.m. and affected three exchangers.
Petrojam had said experts would be brought in for a probe into the incident.
Speaking with Radio Jamaica News on Tuesday, General Manager Telroy Morgan said investigations are far advanced. 
"We are well down the track with our investigation and especially in terms of our restoration...and of course making sure that we have products available for the market. So we're working through the things to ensure that we get back online," he told reporter Kirk Wright. 
The refinery has been temporarily taken offline since the incident, to facilitate a detailed assessment of the damage from the blaze.
But Mr. Morgan said the company has not suffered any shortfall as result of the fire. 
"We do have the necessary systems in place to continue to supply the market even though we are offline and we remain committed to that," he explained, adding that the fire also did not affect oil prices. 
Mr. Morgan had previously assured the public that there was no cause for concern regarding a shortage of petroleum products.

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