Police identify people seen firing high powered weapons in viral video

Senior Superintendent Michael Phipps, head of the Kingston Western Police
By Clinton McGregor    
The Police High Command is reporting that several people seen in a viral video firing high powered weapons in Trench Town in St. Andrew, have been identified and are being sought for questioning by the Kingston Western Police.
Senior Superintendent Michael Phipps, head of the Kingston Western Police, told Radio Jamaica News that the people were identified after detectives reviewed the social media posts.
He said the police reviewed two viral videos and the people, including a woman, identified.
"In one of these videos a group of men [was] seen discharging a high powered rifle and in the other, a male and female were observed with what appears to be an illegal firearm actually demonstrating how the weapon is to be handled. In the instance of the discharging of the rifle our investigators have identified the location to be an area, known as Mexico in the Arnett Gardens community. In the second instance we have, our investigators determined this particular location to be somewhere in the Denham Town community - both within the Kingston Western Division."
SSP Phipps said those listed as persons of interest must report to the Denham Town Police by Monday, February 12.
They are Kareen Martin, otherwise called 'Troubles'; Kemar Campbell, otherwise called 'Doggy'; Stuart Burton, otherwise called 'Bing' and Collin Rose, otherwise called 'Keegie'.
The others are known by their aliases 'Heartless', 'Tevin', 'Britney' and 'Daniel'.

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