Jamaican Judo Association refutes claims of favouritism from Ebony Drysdale-Daley

The Jamaican judo association is refuting claims of favouritism in its decision not to register judoka Ebony Drysdale-Daley for the final qualification competition before the Paris Olympic Games.

Speaking with Radio Jamaica Sports on Wednesday, Drysdale-Daley accused the Jamaican Judo association (JJA) of deliberately de-registering her from the Lima Pan-American Open in an attempt to prevent her from making it to Paris.

In a release on Wednesday, the JJA said that its decision was "solely based on her consistent failure to comply with deadlines and her repeated attempts to circumvent the processes established by the JJA for efficient management of competition entries."

The JJA said Drysdale-Daley "twice failed to present herself for antidoping testing and faces a potential ban if another test is missed."

It added that "she received a written warning from the JJA regarding behaviours and actions deemed unbecoming of an athlete at the Commonwealth Games 2022."

The JJA also denied claims that it had any connection with Drysdale Daley's main competitor for the Olympic spot or any other Jamaican judo athlete in the United Kingdom saying "neither the JJA nor any of its executive board members have affiliations with any judo clubs in the United Kingdom where British Jamaican athletes train."

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