Attorney responsible for prosecuting Jeffrey Dahmer speaks out after facing backlash

Former Milwaukee District Attorney Michael McCann, who was responsible for prosecuting serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, has spoken out after facing backlash following the release of the Netflix series DAHMER Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Viewers have accused the police of ignoring obvious clues because the case involved gay and/or black people.

McCann is pushing back against the narrative that officers turned a blind eye to Dahmer's victims because of their race or sexual orientation, describing the claims as ludicrous.

He added that Dahmer's modus operandi did not allow for them to discover the truth any sooner than they did in 1991, as he did not leave a lot of obvious evidence lying around and he covered his tracks well.

Dahmer: Monster – The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has pulled in a huge audience, with 196.2 million people tuning in since its launch on September 21.

It is topped only by a handful of the platform's features, including Squid Game and Bridgerton.

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