Jamaican man's plight in Windrush scandal being made into TV drama

The story of a Jamaican man who is a part of the Windrush scandal is being made into a TV drama.
The drama, titled Sitting in Limbo, follows Anthony Bryan, who lived and worked in Britain for 50 years, when he was suddenly detained and almost deported. 
The story, told by his brother, plunges into his personal life as a painter-decorator, who had never been in trouble with the law, before being detained for five weeks and booked on a plane to Jamaica, a country he had not visited since 1965, when he was eight.
Bryan was one of many people to be caught up in the Windrush scandal - people who had moved from the Caribbean to the UK, mostly as children, and became collateral damage as the government created a "hostile environment" towards immigration.
He was detained twice and only a last-minute intervention by an immigration lawyer in 2017 prevented his deportation.
Sitting in Limbo airs on BBC One. 

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