FTC completes assessment of competition in mobile telecommunications market

The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) has completed its assessment of  competition in the mobile telecommunication market.   
The main finding of  the study is that the market is competitive.
Despite competition in the sector, the FTC says in the absence of  easy conditions of  entry, competition in the market is susceptible to coordinated conduct. 
Additionally, it was determined that the anticipated increase in the demand for mobile telecommunication services stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic could make it increasingly difficult for future entry to occur, if  the mobile spectrum is not properly managed. 
The FTC is therefore urging the Minister with responsibility for telecommunications to consider implementing recommended revisions to the pricing of  spectrum in Jamaica.
The competition study was conducted following a request by the Spectrum Management Authority (SMA). 
The SMA was in the process of  reviewing its Spectrum Cap Policy, a tool it uses to drive and safeguard competition in the telecommunications industry. 
The review was to assist the SMA to determine whether the cap was still needed to safeguard competition. 

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