Government urged to attract more skilled foreign workers


Paul Scott, Chairman of Seprod Group, is urging the Jamaican Government to pursue a migration policy to attract skilled talent for the local workforce.

Mr Scott, speaking Monday at Seprod’s annual general meeting, said while training and upskilling the local workforce are critical to talent building, skilled employees coming into the country could help alleviate some of the labour shortages.

Noting that Jamaica currently has a low unemployment rate, there are not enough new recruits available locally for training to meet the demands of various enterprises. 

The most viable option, he said, is to "have an immigration policy and bring talent to the country."

"If we're serious about economic growth in Jamaica, it's something that we have to consider seriously," he argued.


Mr Scott also revealed that Seprod has significantly increased investments in fire precautionary equipment for its new warehousing facility to be officially commissioned next month.

The group lost million of dollars in goods in a fire at its Facey Commodity warehouse last October

The group chairman said the company also had to reconsider how it stores goods.





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