Attorney urges Jamaicans to lobby for legislative changes to supposedly light sentences

Attorney Able-Don Foote
Defence attorney Able-Don Foote is suggesting that Jamaicans who are concerned about perceived light sentences imposed by the judiciary, should advocate for changes to the relevant laws.
In recent months, there have been fresh criticisms about sentences handed down for crimes, including manslaughter and sexual offences.
Mr. Foote, who was speaking with Smile Jamaica co-host Dahlia Harris, said citizens should exercise their rights if they are aggrieved. 
"Certainly, there is strength in numbers so if the entire society is of the view that a stop must be put on, let's say corruption, or as you put it, human trafficking, and there is this large public outcry, I do not believe that that will go ignored," he said.  
Mr. Foote said until the society begins to speak out, judges, guided by sentencing guidelines and the country's laws, are simply doing their jobs and should not be criticised. 
"At the end of the day, we have to remember that the law is not an emotional thing. Though the allegations might sound gory, and I do agree that they sometimes do, it is really about following the letter of the law and what is stipulated," he insisted.    
Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has also come out in defence of judges arguing that the majority of the sentences imposed are appropriate.

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