Attorneys dissatisfied with COVID prevention measures at St. James Parish Court

Michael Hemmings, a member of the Cornwall Bar Association
The Cornwall Bar Association has expressed dissatisfaction with COVID-19 prevention measures at the St. James Parish Court.
The attorneys say they will not attend court until they are satisfied that protocols are put in place.  
Michael Hemmings, a member of the Cornwall Bar Association, says the attorneys decided to stay away from court after a member of the judiciary tested positive for COVID-19.
"A very crucial person who forms a part of the judiciary has fallen ill as a result of the virus and as far as we understand and as far as we observed, even when that took place, no sanitisation was done to the courtrooms or anything and we're just not satisfied with the measures that are in place," he insisted. 
He said the lawyers have decided not to attend court until Friday and have requested that matters be adjourned "until measures are put in place to ensure our safety."

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