Candles reportedly caused fire which destroyed house, killed two in Portmore

Shanel Codner, a resident who witnessed the fire and Mayor of Portmore Leon Thomas
Lit candles which overturned is said to have led to the death of two occupants of a house in West Port, Portmore, St. Catherine as they slept Friday morning. 
RJR News understands that there was no electricity at the house on Parrotfish Way.
The victims have been identified as 25 year old Tevin Clarke Henry and Mellissa Doyley.
A third man is being treated in hospital for burns.
The incident occurred sometime after 1 o'clock.
A resident, Shanel Codner, said she heard an explosion then realised her neighbour's house was on fire. She said it was about an hour later that the Fire Brigade arrived. 
She said four fire units battled the blaze. 
Although they discovered that one of the occupants of the house was still alive, the resident said it took another two hours before an ambulance came to transport him to hospital. 
The fire, meanwhile, spread to an adjoining house, causing damage.
Roof materials 
Mayor of Portmore Leon Thomas said discussions are to be held in relation to the material used to construct the roofs of houses in the municipality. 
"These houses are joined units and there is a foam that (is) in the roof that goes straight across. That's the reason why the other unit caught fire. So that's another fire hazard for the residents of this community," he asserted, noting that the discussions to be had would assess "what changes can be made."  
Mr. Thomas said Friday morning's incident highlights the need for another fire station to be constructed in Portmore.
"Portmore is very hot and very dry and the number of housing unit that is (sic) going up in Portmore, there is no way that the one fire station can work in Portmore," he reasoned.  

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