Celebrate Jamaica's many achievements - Golding

Opposition Leader Mark Golding has affirmed that this Diamond Jubilee is a time to celebrate the achievements of Jamaica in academia, music, the arts, education, commerce, cuisine, science and sports.
Mr Golding, in his Independence Message, said Jamaicans should also use the occasion to consider the future of the country, and what it will take to overcome the adversities and challenges which confront them daily.
He added that this period of celebration is an opportune time to recommit to full political independence by removing the last vestiges of colonial rule.
It is time, he asserted, "to come together to achieve the constitutional reform required to have a Jamaican as our Head of State."
In that regard, he affirmed the willingness of the parliamentary opposition to work with the govenrment "to finalise the required legislaton, pass it in Parliament, and put it to a vote by the people in a referendum as soon as possible."
"Logically conntcted," he said, was the other step of "embracing the Caribbean Court of Justice as our final court of appeal."

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