Commentators take issue with tone of PNPYO letter to Phillips

Political commentators Clyde Williams and Jaevion Nelson
Political commentator Clyde Williams has taken issue with the tone of the PNPYO's letter to Opposition Leader and PNP president Dr. Peter Phillips.
Mr. Williams said while the youth organisation had good intent, the tone was offensive.
"They failed in the language which they used, the tone and the manner in which they wrote the letter. Also, I think the YO has a credibility issue, as in 2019 April-May, they had taken some of these same positions but then eventually being co-opted by the PNP, it fell to nothing. So they have a major credibility issue as well," he contended. 
Public affairs commentator Jaevion Nelson has also criticised aspects of the PNPYO's letter. 
He acknowledged that the issue was not that that the youth organisation had written to Dr. Phillips but said "the problem here is how you did and the content of the letter."
"I think there were points that were clearly not well put together, do-or-die that kind of thing. Because this is someone who has already indicated 'I have said to the party that I am resigning and that they should do their best to find a replacement as soon as possible.' So to come and to say these things is almost like you're just licking somebody when they're just down. And I think that's part of what people have found so offensive," he reasoned. 

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