Decline in number of Jamaicans, Caribbean nationals becoming legal permanent US residents

Data from the US Department of  Homeland Security has shown a decline in the number of  Jamaicans and people from other Caribbean countries who became legal permanent residents or green card holders in the United States last year.

According to the statistics, 76,528 Caribbean immigrants became green card holders last year versus 144,429 in 2019. 

The highest number of  green card holders were from the Dominican Republic with a little over 30,000. 

This was followed by Cuba with 16,367 and Jamaica and Haiti with 12,826 and 9,338, respectively.

By contrast, in 2019, 49,911 nationals of  the Dominican Republic became legally permanent residents of  the US while 41,641 Cubans received their green cards.

In 2019, 21,689 Jamaicans secured legal permanent residents status while 17 ,253 Haitians did the same. 

Other Caribbean nations saw only triple or double-digit numbers.

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