Five-year-old mauled by dogs being flown overseas for surgery

Andrew McGlone, Dennis Stanbury and Shereen Grindley
The five-year-old boy who was mauled by dogs in St. D'Acre, St. Ann on Sunday is being flown overseas for emergency surgery.
Mickele Allen, who was bitten all over his body, left from the Sangster International Airport for New York on Friday afternoon.
The surgical procedure will be conducted on Saturday at the Montefiore Hospital in New York.
The emergency procedure is being facilitated by a group of Jamaicans.
A medical team, including Dennis Stanbury, a Jamaican nurse living in the United States, is also on the flight to render assistance.
Mr. Stanbury said he learned about Mickele's story and immediately decided to help. 
Andrew McGlone, who previously worked in Jamaica, said a group of doctors at Montefiore Hospital had offered to assist after hearing about the case. 
Mickele needs urgent treatment in order to avoid a life-threatening infection. Mr. McGlone said the type of surgery required is currently unavailable in Jamaica. 
He said there had been challenges in getting Mickele and his mother, Shereen Grindley, to travel, as neither had a passport. However, he said his team contacted the authorities in Jamaica and they were able to secure emergency passports and visas for the mother and son. 
Ms Grindley said she is excited, thankful and optimistic about her son's surgical procedure. She said he is in high spirits. 
"When I saw him this morning, he asked me if I saw his sister and what is she doing, and then he said that he's going to go back home to play with her," she recalled. 
Mr. McGlone told Radio Jamaica News that the medical expenses should total US$120,000. The amount has already been raised, however, there will be other costs for ongoing care following Mickele's surgery.

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