Former gangster claims he acted in national interested in becoming state witness in "One Don Gang" trial

The former gangster turned state witness in the One Don Gang trial told the Home Circuit Court on Monday that he was acting in the country's interest by giving evidence against the alleged leader of  the criminal network, Andre "Blackman" Bryan, and his 32 co-accused. 
During cross-examination by Mr. Bryan's attorney, Lloyd McFarlane, the witness said he also felt it was the right thing to do for the residents of  Spanish Town and surrounding communities in St. Catherine. 
When Mr. McFarlane suggested to the witness that he'd acted ot of self-interest in becoming a state witness, the former gangster insisted that he wanted to help the police rid the streets of  criminals.
Mr. McFarlane highlighted inconsistencies in the witness statement and the testimony given in court. 
The witness, while admitting to some of  the inconsistencies, said they were made in error. 
The witness, who was charged with being a member of  the One Don Gang, was granted bail on January 16, 2020. 
During the first week of  the trial, the witness testified that he was in charge of  the gang's financial affairs.
He told the court that he destroyed records of  transactions in 2018 when he heard that a state of  emergency would be imposed in Spanish Town.

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