Global death toll from COVID-19 reaches 20,000

The global death toll from the highly contagious respiratory illness COVID-19 has now reached 20,000.
Johns Hopkins University released the figure on Wednesday.
The coronavirus, which was first reported in Wuhan, a city in China's Hubei province, has infected more than 451,000 people, while nearly 112,000 have recovered. 
China has more than 81,600 cases, with about 3,200 fatalities and nearly 73,000 people recovering. 
With more infections now reported outside China than within, the country claims the outbreak has been largely contained.
Following a slight dip in new fatalities on Monday, Italy's death toll doubled that of China on Wednesday. 
The country reported around 6,820 deaths.
The total fatalities in the U.S. surged past 800 on Wednesday, making it the fifth largest death toll outside China. 
Most of the deaths in the U.S. have been in New York, which has seen at least 265 fatalities, while Washington state has reported at least 134.
Italy has more deaths than any other country and remains the worst-hit nation outside China, with nearly 69,200 confirmed cases. 
However, the country also reports the second highest number of recoveries outside China, after Iran. 
Italy has seen more than 8,300 people recover from infection.
Reuters reported that Spain's death toll has also overtaken that of China, with 738 new fatalities recorded Wednesday, bringing its total to at least 3,434 deaths.

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