Health Minister worried about spike in coronavirus cases

Dr. Christopher Tufton
Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton has said he is worried about the spike in coronavirus case in Jamaica.
He said the matter will have to be discussed by the Cabinet in coming days.
Jamaica's coronavirus case count is now at 920 after another 15 cases were reported Tuesday evening. 
The Ministry of Health on Monday reported a record increase in hospitalisations in Jamaica due to confirmed or suspected cases of the coronavirus. That figure was 35. 
On Tuesday, the figure rose to 44.
The number of COVID-19 fatalities now stands at 12 after two deaths were reported on Sunday. 
In an interview with Radio Jamaica News on Tuesday, before the updated figures were released, the Health Minister said the situation is cause for concern.
"...We have over 239 cases that have been imported for the month of June and July, and in the case of the last two deaths, those two persons died having come into the hospital within 24 hours, based on respiratory ailments that they had, respiratory distress. What all of this means - it means that we are assessing the situation. We have to intervene in more communities. We have some 23,000 Jamaicans who are in home-stay under home quarantine arrangements, and the truth is, not all of them are abiding by the home quarantining arrangement. What that is doing is increasing the risk," he explained. 

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