Increase in cases of suspected dengue hemorrhagic fever

There has been an increase in suspected cases of  dengue hemorrhagic fever in Jamaica. According to the Ministry of Health, there have been   70 cases since January up from 38 last year.

Chief  Medical Officer in the Ministry of  Health, Dr. Jacqueline Bisasor-McKenzie, says the increase was expected given the surge in overall suspected dengue cases.

“So while it remains a suspected case , it is not notified  - there is an increase in the number of suspected cases and as a result, we expect an increase in the number of severe cases that are seen,” said  Bisasor-McKenzie.

There have been 570 suspected cases of  dengue so far this year compared to 177 in 2017.

Despite the increase, the Ministry of  Health says there is no outbreak of  dengue fever in Jamaica as the majority of  cases are mild.

And the Health Ministry says the number of  suspected cases of  dengue fever in Jamaica is higher than is being reported.

Based on this , the Health Ministry has hired more workers for its vector control programme.

“Out in the field, they will be educating the public and searching premises for breeding sites . They will also spray mosquitoes. This will continue until the end of December and into next year,” the Chief  Medical Officer said.


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