INDECOM investigators to begin wearing body cameras

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has said, starting June 15, some of its investigators will begin wearing body cameras. 
In a news release Tuesday afternoon, INDECOM said the investigators will be outfitted with the cameras while at incident scenes, interviewing officers, attending police stations to gather documents and when taking accounts from eye witnesses.
It said members of the Investigative Teams for its Eastern and South Eastern Regions will be deployed with the body worn cameras for a two-month trial period. 
INDECOM said the cameras will be visible and persons will be informed that the device is being utilised.
Commissioner of INDECOM Terrence Williams said the cameras are useful monitoring tools for the maintenance of the Commission's professional standards, training and detecting or refuting allegations of misconduct. 
He said at the end of the trial period, operational issues will be assessed, before the cameras are widely distributed to all INDECOM investigative staff. 

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