Jamaica Egg Farmers Association confirm egg shortage

Consumers are now grappling with a major shortage of eggs and the Jamaica Egg Farmers Association has described the situation as chronic.  
It's reported that most supermarkets and shops are either low or have run out of  supplies.
Howard Paulwell,Director of  the Egg Farmers Association, told RJR News that the shortage resulted from an increase in consumer demand.

"Because there was a glut, we reduced the number of birds in the market to produce and it happened that it was too drastic at the time and therefore we ended up with this kind of shortage. A lot of supermarkets don't have any eggs, the few that have eggs by the time they get there they go like lightening"
He however said there should be an ease in the egg shortage next month.

"There are a few birds still on the market not at full production, so by January things should be back to normal in terms of the demand" he said.

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