JPS says rate adjustment needed to maintain its infrastructure

Winsome Callum, Director of Corporate Communications at the JPS
The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) says a delay in the request for a tariff adjustment could have meant a deterioration in its infrastructure, making it difficult to meet the demands of customers.
On Tuesday, the OUR announced that JPS customers will see an average 1.4 per cent increase in their electricity bills, starting in October.
Since then, there has been public opposition to the increase.
Speaking with Radio Jamaica News on Friday, Winsome Callum, Director of Corporate Communications at the JPS, said the increase is necessary to recover costs and facilitate continued investment in the electricity grid. 
"Where JPS is concerned, we have an obligation to our customers to consistently, continuously improve the service. Now, there's increasing demand on the network with more people using technology, with more people working from home. So if we're not able to maintain the system to supply these customers, there will be implications for the quality of service," she sought to explained.
Miss Callum pointed out, for example, that an average residential customer who pays a bill of about $5,000 normally, would see an increase of $70 on their bill. 
Prime Minister Andrew Holness has said Energy Minister Daryl Vaz will respond to the concerns about the tariff increase.

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