Just over 50% of Jamaicans say SOEs effective in fighting crime - poll

A report from Prince Moore
More than 50 per cent of Jamaicans believe the states of emergency (SOEs) are effective tools in the fight against crime.
The findings were revealed in the latest RJRGLEANER Don Anderson poll.
The states of emergency have been touted by the government as an effective tool in the fight against crime.
The security measure was declared in several parishes across the island in response to an upsurge in violence.
The SOEs came to an end after the Parliamentary Opposition withdrew its support for an extension. 
Some 1,113 Jamaicans across the island were asked whether they believe the states of emergency are effective in fighting crime.
Pollster Don Anderson said 53 per cent of those interviewed agree that the security measure was effective while 39 per cent disagreed.
Another eight per cent said they were not sure whether the states of emergency were effective.
Mr. Anderson said there was bipartisan support for the security measure, as 49 per cent of the people who agreed that the states of emergency were effective said they were going to vote for the People's National Party. 
At the same time, 69 per cent of persons who said they would vote for the ruling Jamaica Labour Party agreed with the states of emergency. 

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