NIA calls for legal action against persons accused of corruption at Petrojam

Professor Trevor Munroe
National Integrity Action (NIA) has called for the authorities to take legal action against persons accused of corruption, cronyism and nepotism at Petrojam.
Professor Trevor Munroe, Executive Director of NIA, told Radio Jamaica News that the authorities must carry out the recommendations of the Integrity Commission and that the police must be called in to investigate the allegations.
Professor Munroe argued that following the Auditor General's report on Petrojam in 2018 and now the Integrity Commission's report, it is time for action on the recommendations "to demonstrate that high public officials are also subject to law."  
This, he said, would "rekindle some hope in the rule of law" which is currently "declining amongst large sections of our Jamaican people." 
NIA has urged the Integrity Commission to state what action will be taken to follow up on the recommendations made in the special report.  

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