NWC plans to de-silt Hermitage Dam

The National Water Commission (NWC) is trying to determine how much it will cost to de-silt the Hermitage Dam in St. Andrew and is now proceeding with the procurement process.
NWC Vice President for Potable Water and Maintenance, Mark Blair, says the lack of  a dollar figure at this time is partly due to it being several years since a project of  this kind has taken place.He says the decision to de-silt the dam is to address the frequent water woes in the Corporate Area.
The project is scheduled to begin in December.
Blair also stated that sand which will be removed from the Hermitage Dam will not be transported from the location but will remain on the  compound.
He was responding to concerns by Member of  Parliament for North Central St. Andrew, Karl Samuda who claimed that the NWC will in the first phase remove 400 truck loads of  sand from the Dam and this will negatively impact roads.

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