OCA determining next step to ensure safety of children in Qahal Yahweh group

Diahann Gordon Harrison
The Office of the Children's Advocate is now mapping out its next step for ensuring the safety of children within the controversial Qahal Yahweh religious group in Norwood, St. James.
The police recently carried out two raids at the group's compound and removed six children.
Children's Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison has expressed concern that all the children were not removed.
On Monday, she told RJR News her office was still working out its next move but said it was too early to say what that "appropriate next step" would be. 
She said the matter is being treated as top priority by her office "until we are assured of some level of appropriate treatment in relation to all the children." 
There have been allegations of abuse, child marriages and withdrawal of children from school by members of the Qahal Yahweh.
Mrs Gordon Harrison disclosed that this is not the first time her office is being alerted to concerns about the welfare of children within certain religious groups but said the Qahal Yahweh "is the most organised and recognised grouping" that has come to her office's attention. 

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