Police being made scapegoats for all Jamaica's ills - James

Corporal Rohan James
Chairman of the Police Federation Corporal Rohan James believes that police officers are being made to be scapegoats for everything wrong in the society.
His comment is in response to the findings of the RJRGLEANER Don Anderson poll on the confidence of Jamaicans in the island's security forces.
Jamaicans say they have more confidence in the army.
Corporal James questioned the socio-economic background of the respondents to the poll while adding that there is a general dislike for the police among Jamaicans.
He argued that what is being perceived about the JCF is worse than the reality as inroads have been made in changing police behaviour toward citizens and weeding out corrupt members.
Speaking Tuesday on the Morning Agenda on Power 106, Corporal James also blamed the views of Jamaicans on the political directorate, which he believes is not pumping sufficient resources into national security.
He contended that the crime situation is "reflective of social degradation issues" in the country and is "not necessarily a policing issue". 
But the police, he said, are "blamed for everything, especially for those who fail to do what that have to do in order for the police to be able to do what is necessary to protect the citizens of the country". 
Consequently, Corporal James urged the 63 Member of Parliaments to "take full responsibility for the views expressed by the people". 
More insight 
To lessen the negative view of the police, Corporal James suggested the Police High Command give Jamaicans more insight into the accountability mechanisms which have been implemented within the JCF.
He said better dissemination of information would allow the public and even the diaspora to be aware of the programmes put in place to improve the force. 
He admitted that if the police were to get a failing grade, it should be in relation to this, since "accountability matters". 

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