Police probing theft of NCB ATM in Westmoreland

The Westmoreland police are investigating whether members of a criminal network were behind yesterday's theft of an NCB Automated Banking Machine in Little London.

One man was killed and another arrested after the police exchanged gunfire with the hoodlums about three in the morning.

A firearm was reportedly seized.

It's reported that the police were informed that men were seen removing the banking machine from a business establishment.

The cops intercepted the men, and this led to a shoot-out.

During the exchange of gunfire, one of the robbers was shot and a firearm was recovered.

The second suspect was held.

The deceased man is reportedly from St Mary. 

This is the third incident in recent weeks involving money-dispensing machines. 

 On February 2, an ATM was stolen from Jamison's Service Station in Darliston, Westmoreland. 

 It was recovered later that day but the $8 million loaded into the machine was reportedly stolen. 

On February 2,  a JN Bank ATM was vandalised overnight in Spalding, Clarendon.

The police said no money was taken in that incident.

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