Prosecution drops charge against district constable in relation to bomb threats

Attorney at law Vincent Wellesley


District Constable Jason Williams, who was arrested last year in relation to a series of bomb threats which disrupted court sittings in downtown Kingston, was freed of the charge on Monday morning when he appeared before the St Andrew Parish Court.

Mr Williams and businessman Cardel Clarke of Top Town in Clarke's Town, Trelawny were charged with Creating Public Mischief.

The district constable was freed after the prosecution decided not to pursue the case against him.

He had been in custody since January.

His Attorney, Vincent Wellesley, said there was no evidence linking his client to the bomb threats.

"I made the submission again, telling the judge that there was no nexus between Mr. Williams and the call which was allegedly made; the judge agreed with me and the learned Clerk of Court reluctantly offered no evidence against Mr. Williams," he told RJR News.

He said that, "from the very inception," there was no evidence against his client.

He attributed the decision to charge his client in the first place to public hysteria, caused by the fact that the bomb threats were directed at court buildings.

"The Crown... must discontinue this bad practice of using hysteria and trying to please the public by charging people," he declared.

It is unclear what happened in the matter involving the businessman.



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